Tramways of Prague in North Korea

old prague tram - typical picture will appear in north korea Cars of New York subway go to the bottom of the ocean, where they become a first class fish houses, multiplying numbers of species in the area. Prague Public Transport company doesn’t have such opportunities, so to ecologically liquidate old cars may be a problem. Usually they are sold somewhere to the east, but this time, the tramways made in communist Czechoslovakia go to other communist country – the NK.

The Capital Pchjongjang will soon have twenty Prague tramways. They have paid 26t € per one. Compared to the costs of scraping, which are about 4t € per one, this sees a good deal. The Prague Transport company would like to sell other old tramways, too, as they are being replaced by the new cars Skoda 14 Porshe, together with the very new ForCity, or Skoda 15T.
(By Petr Svec)