Biedermeier Arts and Culture in the Bohemian Lands

This exhibition will be the first ever to present the wealth of art made in the Bohemian Lands in the first half of the nineteenth century. In this period, middle-class society created its own distinctive style of art and way of life. Reflecting the timeless values of temperance, practicality, and simplicity the style came to be called “Biedermeier” here and elsewhere in the Austrian Empire.

Nascent civil society sought inspiration in the traditional milieux of homeland, family, town, and nature. And the ideals emerged that were dear to Modern man –prosperity and personal responsibility. This impressive exhibition is an opportunity to provide a well-rounded picture of Biedermeier and to demonstrate its contribution to art, which is comparable to those of other great periods already presented at Prague Castle.

The exhibition is being organized by Prague Castle Administration and the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague. 28th May 2008 – 28th September 2008. Venue: The Riding School of Prague Castle, U Prasneho mostu 3.