Joe Satriani – Rock Virtuoso in Prague

The concert of the American virtuoso of electrical guitar draws nearer.

Why is Joe Satriani so famous? Not only has he given legendary guitarists like Kirk Hammett of Metallica and Charlie Hunter lessons in mastering the guitar, but he has also released many albums, the latest of which is Strange Beautiful Music.

The man that has toured with Mick Jagger, Deep Purple and launched the legendary G3 movement, showcasing talented players like Eric Johnson and Steve Vai, is stepping up to the plate again and the audience is eagerly listening…

He has not only been a prodigious teacher, but he has also let his craft do the wailing on extreme albums like Surfing With The Alien, Flying in a Blue Dream and The Extremist. Never one to rest on his laurels, “Satch” set on a new journey on his Grammy nominated Engines of Creation, an electronic offering that was markedly different from his rock staples.

Jo Satriani in Prague – a concert on 3rd June 2008 in Arena HC Sparta Prague. Tickets at Ticketpro, 690 – 590,- czk