Czech Travel Companies Abandon Paper Air Tickets

The association of travel companies IATA announced a move from paper tickets to electronic ones. They expect to raise their profits of 9 mil czk, and also save up to 50 000 trees a year.

According to the association, the electronic tickets are preferred by more than 89% of the passengers. Czech travel companies embrace the proposal with one voice.

Asia and Africa are the only continents where could be problems, so there stay paper tickets. Otherwise, paper tickets will be used only in two cases. 1St: Charter flights with travel agencies, 2nd: Of course those travel companies, which are not in the IATA association, those are especially small companies in developing countries.

It is common to buy the ticket at the Internet nowadays.



  1. Makr said, Jun 12, 04:34 PM #

    That’s very true. I am glad Czech Travel companies will be in better pace with world tendencies. Many Prague hotels ( have travel agencies right on board and it will be very easy for people. You can’t lose or forget this ticket and it’s very simple to get a new one