Havel appealed to Prague: Do not vote for ODS

The unusually direct strike against the ruling ODS came from the ex-president Vaclav Havel this weekend. Havel is no longer politically active, this was one of the few political declarations he has made with some emphasis in the past five years.

Prague is the base of ODS, the Civic Democratic Party, the Prague mayor is a ODS member, too, why we should change it? “… I can’t think of anything else than to recommend to Prague citizens, not to vote for the party, which has ruled in Prague for so long, and which has allowed and done so much ill, in the incoming elections.” Havel wrote for LN on Saturday.

What is the biggest problem? For Havel, it is the way ODS wants to change supporting system of Prague theatres in a way, which would in the end mean commercialization of the repertoire. Other criticized deeds were the candidacy for Olympic Games, because Prague has major problems with traffic, in comparison with no projects of Prague growth that goes unlimited without services for the locals.