Anti-Art in National Gallery

grizzly man by marcin dziaczkowsky To went away from the mainstream and ruling conventions, not to be a subject to the art market, to create art for the value of the gesture, not for the monetary value of the object. Such is the idea of the exhibition of alternative contemporary art in Prague, which starts today, and continues until 14th September 2008.

One of the main ideas of this year is the statement, that the art value of an arpiece is not determined by the object itself, but by the gesture of the artist who created it. The example would be Marcel Duchamp, who in 1917 transported the industrially made pissoir into a show room, thus creating the first ready-made and aroused a debate of theoreticians about anti-art. In the end the Duchamp’s pissoir was labelled the most fundamental artpiece of the 20th century.

We previously informed you about the exhibition venue in the National Gallery, however other part of the exhibition is placed in Kinsky Palace.