Paintball in Prague

Paintball is a modern, fast growing, adrenalin sport. It requires not just speed and accuracy but also tactical thinking and the ability to stay calm. You can experience the joy and satisfaction of victory, as well as the disappointment of defeat. Paintball is played all over the world by millions of men and women of all ages, from different professions and lifestyles. Individuals, a bunch of friends, or a large company enjoy paintball.

There are many ways to play a paintball game but all of them have one thing in common, there is always two teams competing against each other. The objective for the game can vary, in one game you could be trying to capture the flag of the opposing team and in another game defending your flag, or possibly trying to eliminate all the players on the opposing team. The number of players on each team is optional, it is limited only by the size of the field. There can be just two people playing or over 500 players on each side. The games can have time limits, usually 10 minutes depending on the size of the field and the amount of players. This prevents people from spending too long out of the game.

In Prague, you can visit the paintball spot close to the centre, on an island called Cisarska louka (The Emperors Meadow). This area has a beautiful view of the river and the ancient castle Vysehrad. It is easily accessible by car or public transport.
Price of a game: 750,- czk, Price of a ball: 1,- czk. The price includes: Entrance to the field, lending fee for paintball gun and mask, lending fee for overall (camouflage design), hood and paintball gloves, 100 paintballs, CO2 for the whole game. The facility consists of three separated fields which can be joined together to make one large field. Each was built in a different style. The first one is set up as an old town with houses and barriers. The second one has inflatable barriers which are used for sport paintball, and the last one is a military style.

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