Czech PM Topolanek got Diabetes

The news was brought first by Hospodarske Noviny, where he confirmed: “Yes, it is true, during a preventive check-up I had bad blood test results and I was diagnosed the type two glycemia.”

As a matter of fact, the illness does not affect Topolanek in his duties. At this stage, his diabetes does not yet require insulin injections. What will change for him? Firstly, he was ordered a strict diet, ant he also needs to measure his blood sugar level every week (he does that by himself).

Type two glycemia has 50 percent chance of recovery. It affects those over 40, and the recommendations are to keep healthy diet, exercise, cut down smoking and alcohol. The prime minister Mirek Topolanek commented, he has lost 13 kilograms since the last month. If he will continue living healthy, he has roughly 50 percent chance to totally recover.

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