Czech scientists found another better cure for cancer

Czech Scientists have participated on a discovery, which can radically change the way of Brest cancer cure. They informed about their accomplishments in the last volume of Nature Genetics.

Together with their Denmark colleagues, they discovered the gene responsible for creating the substance which is repressive to tumor occurrence.

Concerning the women with disadvantageous mutation of this gene, the defense against tumor occurrence doesn’t work as it should. And not only this; patients with a slightly changed gene variation are resistant to chemotherapy, quite contrary, the side effect only makes them harm.

The scientists expect it should be possible to cure every patient individually, and so much effectively.

The Professor Jiri Bartek, who participated on the discovery, revealed what this will mean in common language: “Meanwhile traditional medicine is comparable to the situation where is everyone given clothes of the same size, this new era should offer every patient clothes tailored to their individual needs. “