Eccentric Journalist Jiri X Dolezal goes on hunger-strike to Support Radar

After the hunger-strike of activists Jan Tamas and Jan Bednaragainst the planned construction of the US radar base in the Czech Republic, the other person went to hunger-strike from today morning. It is nobody else than the eccentric journalist and writer, witty commentator, the publisher of non-conformist books and marijuana decriminalization fighter, Jiri X Dolezal. The reasons why he went on hunger-strike are the opposite reasons – he wants the treaty among the US and the CR to be signed immediately, without delay.

Even when none of their demands was fulfilled, Tamas and Bednar ended their 22-days long hunger-strike this Monday, for health reasons. They demanded referendum for the radar base. The both opposing bands want more attention of politicians, who do not let the nation talk to their decisions. Jiri X Dolezal announced he fights against populism of those Czech Politicians, who refuse the final sighting of the Radar Treaty.