Clocks and Watches Exhibition at Prague Castle

This collection of clocks and watches from Prague Castle works together to form a fascinating whole, documenting the development of the measurement of time, interior design during the last 250 years, and the craftsmanship of renowned watchmakers and clockmakers from Prague and Western Europe.

The exhibited clocks are regarded as pieces of period movement and art-craft work, forming the reason why they were accompanied by other items from the Prague Castle collections. The visitors have a chance to, at one place, see items from the representative spaces, offices, cabinets, habitable rooms and depositories of the Prague Castle and Lany chateau.

There are 103 clockworks and their parts exhibited, accompanied by 23 collection pieces – comodas, mirrors, chandeliers etc. Event: 19.06.2008 – 28.09.2008. Venue: The Imperial Stables of The Prague Castle