Czechs cheering – Football team beaten Switzerland

The noise at Old town Square can be heard at Charles Bridge. 12 thousand fans gathered at the Square in front of the biggest Euro football television so far, drunk hectolitres of beer, and when the 71 minute brought the winning shot, the whole crowd shouted “goal” at the whole Old Town. Some of the fans dance in a way, you would expect to dance savages around fire.

The organizer of the event, Taiko company, who takes care of the ‘football festivities’ promises, there will be a second television, in the case Czechs will advance. If that happens is a question, because even when we have won the first game, the show wasn’t very convincing, except for Petr Cech, who didn’t let anything behind his back. The other chance our players get is 11th of June against Portugal at 18:00, and 15th of June against Turkey at 20:45.

So anyone who wants to support Czechs at the Old Town Square, has a chance. Of course there will be, like yesterday, hectolitres of beer and quintals of sausages.