New Havel's play Odchazeni is a big success

What is Havel’s play about? A prominent politician leaves the politics after years of service, and faces all the drama around.

Havel himself thinks, “… The play … is quite strange. I was worried, how the audience will accept it. It is a very pedant and specific play, which was also going along with problems from the very beginning.” (He stated for Lidove Noviny)

Now it is clear his play is the real deal. Not only because it is directed by David Radok, one of the best Czech theatre directors of all times, and starrs Jan Triska, who acted in several Hollywood movies (People vs. Larry Flynt, Ronin..), not plainly because it was written by such an important person who Vaclav Havel is. Critics from Czech newspapers have agreed – Havel created a timeless play, often compared to Shakespeare’s King Lear.

The play was such a bell-ringer that it is going to be performed in the theaters world-wide including in New York and Washington. The article was inspired by