Concert of Soulfly in Prague Roxy 2008

The Metal group Soulfly will perform in Prague Roxy Again. The world-wide known hordcore-metal attraction comes back to Czech club scene. Exclusive concert in Prague Roxy promises a real hardcore party.

With their third album, Soulfly is totally on track in terms of unleashing an essential spate of songs. The album ‘3’ is an essential album in the Soulfly career, states Max. “It’s the album where we reach the level of maturity that we were looking for with the last two records. But we also wanted to continue surprising people with different elements. So on the one hand it’s the chemistry of Soulfly that we’ve found over the years of the band being together, but on the other hand we’ve also been developing experimental stuff so we don’t become repetitious and boring.”

While Soulfly 3 sees the band branching out into more experimental sonic terrain, especially in terms of composition, it also sees the band returning to their roots. Case in point, the return of original Soulfly rhythm keeper, Roy Mayorga. Max: “I think he was never meant to leave, but you know, you can’t control that. He was going through a weird phase in his life, which ended up leading to that. But we welcomed him back with open arms. His drumming is really amazing and I think he really adds a lot to this album. We just think this is the best line-up Soulfly ever had.”

Within propagation tour of the last album ‘3’ Soulfly arrives 24th August 2008 to Prague, to bomb the club Roxy in Dlouha street. Tickets – Ticketpro, Ticketstream.

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