Radar protesters driven away from the military base

Greenpeace anti-radar base before Since 28 April, the protesters have camped at the site, protesting again the planned US radar base construction. Until yesterday, when the Czech Army started to intervene against the Greenpeace members, as they did not react to repeated calls to leave the area.

The activists have put up passive resistance, so the military police loaded three of them in their car, the other two they had to lift from trees using a special military ramp.

The Military knew, that to use force against the peace activists would only nourish the national disgust with the radar matter. They didn’t use force, but they found a way, how to get their revenge on the party, which camped on their property – fining them.

Protest camping? Violation of the forest regime. Cooking foods on fire? Dangerous in hot weather. Digging and building of a latrine? Illegal construction. Now it is very clear there will be some trial, the activists against the military, when the military will demand incredible amounts of money as a revenge.

The government have finished their talks with the US, the main treaty waits to be signed, in July at the latest, and it is clear the radar will be build, protests or not.