Prague Bans Public Drinking ... Soon ... ?

The council of the capital city of Prague have agreed on a bill, banning drinking of alcohol on chosen public spaces. The deputy of the Prague Mayor Rudolf Blazek stated the locals complain about being annoyed or offended by drunks, that seek some typical places on everyday basis. When he talked to deputies of Prague parts, he reportedly even needed to calm their efforts to ban it almost everywhere.

When reading the list of ‘no drinking’ zones, I could nor resist the feeling the law is mainly intended as a tool to repellent homeless and other individuals from places of their hang-out. Typical is the Narodni Trida square just behind Tesco, also the Wenceslas Square would need to get rid of some drunks. The space in front of the Main Train Station is notorious. What surprises is the Kampa park, which was somehow the park where even ‘mainstream’ locals go to have their drink in, because the location is so pro-tourist and expensive one has to travel a few tram stations before he/she can afford a beer.

If the bill will be passed, it will definitely bring changes, significant changes to the face of the streets. Hopefully, it won’t turn into a tool for police bullying, but sustains its original purpose – to bring the locals revelation from the mess.