To spit out a chewing gum in Prague is now illegal

It was ruled out, Prague joins other world metropolises, having laws against polluting public spaces. The new public notice was published on Thursday by Prague representatives. And any violator can pay quite a lot – up to 30 000 czk, which is 1200€.

According to the public notice, a police officer can fine a polluter up to 1000 czk at the place, for CIGRETTE-END, CHEWING GUM, or DOG DEJECTA. If it goes to administrative procedure, the sanction can be up to 30t.

The public notice is official since 1st July 2008, ever since the police will check whether it is adhered. The polluter will get a fine, plus he will have to clean it after him. The typically controlled places will be the Prague centre, everyday more crowded, and other frequently visited places like Prague Exhibition ground.


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