Camel Cub and Numerous visitors in Prague Zoo

The Prague Zoo has a new offspring to be proud of. A few days ago, the mother camel Rona gave birth a little male (he doesn’t have name yet, Prague Zoo knows how to enjoy baptism ceremony and do not rush) that now can be seen in the yard by those who want to pay him a visit.

At the moment, he is the only cub in the family of seven camels, who reside in Prague Zoo. They are not the ‘prominent family’ like the famous Gorillas, but still are quite visited animals. Camels are remarkable for their adaptation abilities, as they can survive in extreme conditions (of course not the case in the Zoo).

In addition to welcoming the young one, the Prague Zoo have welcomed the 500.000 visitor of this year. Last year was record-breaking in the number of visitors ; almost one million three hundreds thousand people came to the Zoo, forming a record of the whole animal park. Based on LN