Czech Girls are Amazingly Hot Video

“Yes, you are beautiful… like no other” When I come back from some longer trip, let’s say longer than three months, I am always surpised how beautiful girls live in here. When I came back from one leghty stay in Spain, I was just stunned. Compared to Spanish girs, the girls here are at least a head taller, much slimmer, and blonde. They can act so fragille! If you say princess, I say Czech. The ideal of romantic beauty? Czechs.

Czech beauties are not only the top-model Petra Nemcova, or ‘shake your booty’ Kerndlova. There are much more of them, looking just incredible. But you don’t have to believe me. The short movie here called The Models from Prague Paradise City documentary will not only present some hot beautiful Czech Chicks in underwear, but you can also hear a pro talk about why it is so.