Lenny Kravitz in Prague in 10 days

It seems almost incredible, but since the time Lenny Kravitz played for Czech audience for the first time, 18 years have passed, and during that time, many things have changed. Lenny Kravitz didn’t, as he still keeps his style and still has something to say.

The key to his success of his music is the mood of his songs – classical rock, soul, funk, 1960’s pop, however his songs always have modern sound and arranges. His new album It Is Time For A Love Revolution quite proves he didn’t lost his passion for the 60’s, also for which he is among the world’s top interprets.

Lenny Kravitz comes after four years to his third concert in Prague. (btw the commercial shoot in Prague doesn’t count) Every show he did in Prague became a little sensation. For his energy and spirit are something we must love and admire him for

Seats: 1 690 czk and 1 490 czk, standing tickets 1 190 czk and 990 czk. Parking: 250 czk. Venue: O2 Arena Prague, Date: 23rd June 2008