Football Euro 2008: Czechs Out

It was clear, that without the attacking team, which missed Rosicky, Nedved, Poborsky, and consisted almost solely from Koller, we cannot score high in Euro. I don’t understand, why I am always so susceptible by the media and always start to watch the Czech football team struggling. It seemed so incredible in the first half – after the team presented no warlikeness with Switzerland (but we won 1:0) , and after the meeting with so much better Portugal (they won 3:2) the Czech team finally seemed to wake up at the match with Turkey, and actually played. For 20 minutes.

The yesterday match with Turkey? In 87th minute the Czechs were winning 2:1, but than the team lost all the concentration and energy and their game resembled collapse. The best player of the Czech team, Petr Cech, didn’t held centre, the ball came out of his gloves right in front of Turkish captain Nihata boots. And in two minutes, Nihata scored again, 3:2.