Prague Kids Getting Fatter

The number of obese kids grows year by year. The illness that stroke the USA comes to the Czech Republic? No way. I don’t think many people here could afford to pay for their super obesity, and also thanks to the fact traffic jams are so common people are forced to leave their cars at home and get on their feet.

Anyway, MF Dnes brought a survey, according to which 2888 kids under 14 needed to go to a doctor because of obesity and resulting problems. “The reasons are simple. Kids do not move very much and instead of going to sports when they come from school, they sit by a tv or by a computer.” Dr. Marie Finkova explains.

The other reason are the soda machines in schools. But.. don’t you think it’s strange, that all the world needs to deal with the problems that brings the US kind of life, as well as enjoy its undeniable benefits?

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