Architecture Week - Contemporary Architecture Festival, Film Festival

Festival of contemporary and modern architecture, Architectureweek, exists in different forms almost in every European city except from Prague. Therefore the organizer Czech Architecture Week s.r.o. has decided to make a similar event. The festival will present Czech and foreign architecture to professional and non-professional public through various events – exhibitions, lectures, seminars, presentations, walks, cocktails, openings and others. Architectureweek is an opportunity for people of every age and every occupation to explore architecture and develop their knowledge about it.

Within its all-year program Architecture Year 2008, Czech Architecture Week company prepares from 18th to 20th June 2008 a film festival on architecture called Czech Architecture Week – Film Festival. Since wednesday to frifay, the non-commerical film festival for students and public. Opening time 10 – 18, free entry.

If you want to widen your knowledge about architecture, the festival takes place in Veletrzni palac in the new lifestyle, architecture and design spce Terminal. Programe and all the info you need here