Zizkov transmitter prepares for its 'air show'

ka-32 LN brought an insight of how the action-movie-like upgrading of the Zizkov broadcasting tower will look like. The problem is the 216m tower is so high it is necessary to use some kind of flying device for taking the old antenna off the tower tip and replacing it with a digital one.

For the action was chosen the Russian helicopter Ka-32, which has two machines consuming 800 litres of gas per hour and can carry 12700 kg. It will fly above the transmitter and technicians will rope the top of the tower to it. Then, they will demount it, and the pilot will fly with it away.

The pilot of the Ka-32 will be one of the very important persons of the process, as hew will decide the day and hour of the whole operation. The most important factor is the weather, as e.g. gust wind could send the helicopter with the antenna to the nearby apartments.