Prague Villa of Richter with re-opened Vineyard

One of the dominants of Mala Strana, or Little Quarter, the classicist Richterova vila opens to public probably for the first time in history. So after The Great F├╝rstenberg Garden was ‘unclassified’ this year, this is the second place with some history that opens to people in Prague.

The renter made from the Vila and the area around a vine theme spot, dealing with vine and everything around it. The important part of the reconstruction was restoration of St. Wenceslas vineyard. In a few years, there may be Prague vine again.

Tradition of the local vineyard goes many hundred years backwards, but the place was never publicly accessible. The area is about 7000 cubic metres. The location is Na Opysi, it is separated from the Stare zamecke schody (Old Castle Stairs) by a wall.

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