Ballet Causa Carmen in Prague National Theatre

The new inscenation is compound from two choreographers. The first of them – Santa Says Cut it – is apiece by Johan Greben from Holland and Urih Ivgi from Israel. They both are have successful dance carrier to build on. Music was composed by a four-member Holland percussion group called Percossa.

The authors comment their artpiece : “We don’t want to tell a story of dance, but more like to animate the individual imagination of the audience. That’s why we have narrowed all the ideas into a few basic thoughts: Uniformity, Passion. Individuality, Escape and Freedom”.

The second part directed according to Mats Eko from Sweedeb, it is his famous version of Carmen from 1992. If you read any newspaper today, the Carmen of 2008 in National Theatre in Prague won’t get under 85%, most of critics give it about 95%. If you want to see the best ballet, go to see the Carmen.

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