The Foreign Policy Chart: Vaclav Havel among the 100 top intellectuals

The prestigious American Internet portal have listed the ex-president of the Czech Republic among the most important intellectuals of the world.

In the Foreign Policy chart are philosophers, historians, writers, journalists, economists and religious persons, including the present pope, but also representatives of modern finance, politicians, defenders of human rights and peace activists. Those, who have influenced the course of the world.

Havel is listed as “Statesman and Dermatician” and was put into the company of such names as the American critic Noam Chomsky, peace activist from Israel Daniel Barenboim or South-Africa writer J.M. Coetzee.

What does this tells us about? What we already know, Vaclav Havel is apprehended more positively abroad than in the Czech Republic. He gained many prizes from other countries, he was also Nobel Prize nominee a few times.

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