New York Gallery sells Czechoslovakia Formica

an armchair In the Art district of New York Brooklyn with a fabulous view of Manhattan is possible to see an incredible thing – a prestigious vendor gallery selling Czech furniture from previous century. It may look like in the Husakovo 3+1, but you can only find the pearls of design.

a chandelier The subtle armchair with wooden hand rests, a kitchen chair from bent wood, a dish chandelier or the undefeated classic of 60’s Czechoslovak design – Formica kitchen table. The privately known objects return one into the grandparents house, even when one is one metro stop away form Manhattan.

The kingdom of Czech design belongs to Borton Quillen, and when he opened it he had no idea that one day the filmstar Rachel Weisz would come and buy a functionalist table worth 4200 dollars or that the French styler Christian Louboutin take a few accessories into his studio.

The design of the Czechoslovakia era became a hit at home again too, rising interest in Czechoslovakia design illustrates for example the Brussels dream exhibition.

Source: Andrea Koch, MF Dnes