The first Gay Pride Parade in the Czech Republic soon

lesbians at the gay pride in the US The Czech Republic is a liberal country, that’s a well-known fact. Gay marriages have been going for quite some time, but there has not been any gay parade yet. That is about to change, as Saturday 28 June in Brno should be the day of “Rainbow Parade”

And the whole merry-go-round starts to turn again, as it was turning before the registered partnership was allowed – groups of Christians and right wing extremists are again trying to speak higher number of extreme statements than the other group, just to let the whole topic go a few years later, when the gay theme doesn’t get media coverage.

The event is aimed at reducing the level of homophobia among Czechs. Gays and lesbians will ask for tolerance during their march, but it is more than clear some people are not willing to tolerate them. Media are curious, how the event will go, but hopefully it will be an event of peace, as intended.

Gay Parade: Brno, 28th June 2008, 14:00 at Namesti Svobody

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