Czechs Massively going on Vacation Abroad

To go on vacation abroad is much more tempting than before. The Czech crown was strong the last year already, but now the crown is even stronger, so it is possible to live decently on holiday. Lidove Noviny wrote about increased interest in foreign currency purchasing.

Simplified – if now it is possible to buy euro for about 24,4 czk, at this time one year ago it was 29 czk. Euros are so cheaper of 16 percent. If we talk about dollar, it is even better as it falls, because it is cheaper of 28% compared to the last year; one dollar is now 15,60 czk, last year it was 21,60.

The average standard of housing for Czechs at vacation is now 3-star hotel.

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  1. Vanessa Prada said, Jun 30, 01:31 PM #

    Yeap but this is not that great for us foreigners coming to Prague! But even though I get less CZK fom my lovely USD I still come to Prague every summer. Why ? Because Prague is a great city. I was happy to find a wide variety of museums in Prague covering almost anything you can think of: national history, communism, historical Czech art, music, literature. To see all of Prague museums took me several days of staying in hotels in Prague ( for vacation. If you are interested in some specific area, you will easily find museum in Prague for your interests.