Klaus announced he won't subscribe the new gay-lesbian law, but he neither treads it.

The president Vaclav Klaus so gave the public know, his attitude to the registered partnership is still reserved. The new law, changing some regulations connected to gay and lesbian partnerships won’t be subscribed, but also won’t be sent back to the parliament. So it will be probably passed.

For the president, the law represents one step of a line, at which end is the same laws for hetero and homo families. For Klaus, who always repeats he supports traditional family, the idea of a gay or lesbian couple adopting a child is unthinkable.

At least he doesn’t use his backroom tactics, like in the case of Blob, to stop the inevitable development. Czech homosexual couples are gaining influence, they will have their first gay-parade this weekend, and no one can expect a country in the middle of Europe to go backward.

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