The cause of Presidential Vote Corruption postponed

The Czech police have postponed the criminal announcement of the presidential vote corruption. The presidential vote, when Klaus was voted the president again, was an international disgrace. Now it seems, no one will be punished. Josef Notný (SNK) stated, one person from ODS wanted to bribe him into voting for Klaus. The Anti-corruption police leader Roman Skrepek said to Pravo there wasn’t any proof.

Novotny confirmed to Pravo that Vlastimil Sehnal, who is a senator for ODS, offered two millions czk for his vote for Klaus. Novotny said there is no proof, as the investigators weren’t allowed to the security cameras tapes at all, with the comment there are no cameras in the room, where Novotny was supposed to be bribed. Novotny showed a picture of the camera, but they said it is a speaker.