First Gay Pride Parade in Czech Republic Surprisingly Pointed at Different Problem

It was supposed to be a gay party in the streets, such are common in liberal countries. But the gathering was violated by the neo-nazi organization Narodni Odpor (National Resistance) who couldn’t resist the temptation and went the violent way to publicity. They managed to get to the square before the parade started, and started to fire petards and throw eggs. Some participants of the gay parade got beaten, too, and the whole act was ended by one of the neo-nazi throwing a tear-gas grenade into the crowd.

First thing – we can be happy the one throwing the grenade wasn’t a police officer, we live in democratic country and such acts are forbidden. Second thing – those, who prematurely ended the parade by their violent behaviour should go to prison. The police have arrested 15 people, the others are searched for as they have been recorded on security cameras.

The Minister of the Interior Ivna Langer stated he watches the activities of Narodni Strana and considers establishing ban on them. The First Czech Gay Pride so pointed at different thing – we don’t have problem with increasing numbers of gay marriages, but increasing numbers of neo-nazi in our society.

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