Suzanne Vega in in Prague on Tuesday

American songstress Suzanne Vega with her new album of last summer Beauty and Crime is coming to Prague. She sings about New York, love and violence and she still changes from adulthood of her show to soft, girlish melancholy. The typical rock of 80’s still lives! We can probably can look forward to her songs Luka and Tom’s Diner.

Her new songs have a dimension of chansons and they are quite various, as it is inspired by New York. There are known spots at her new album – the story of Sinatra with Ava Gardnera, a memory of a porn star Bettie Page. Her music? She juxtaposes acoustic guitar-driven melodies with coolly synthesized beats; intensely personal lyrics with compelling, short story-like narratives.

Her concert is on 1st July 2008 in Prague, Congress Centre.