Fines for chewing gums and pigeons feeding in Prague

there you go...that will be 500 czk The Holidays have started, and with them, the new fines started to be given awy. Perhaps, a cigarette bud thrown away can be the reason. Or a chewing gum spitted on a pavement. Or even throwing some bread to pigeons. If there appears to be an oily pool under a vehicle, the owner can find a fine behind his windscreen wiper. All this due to the new public notice for clean Prague.

The police officers can fine a caught litterer up to thousand czk at the place. If the person refuses to pay it, the offense is dealt with at the town council, the officers can lift it up to 30 000 czk. Anyway Prague municipal council proclaims the public notice is not intended for persecuting decent folks. The idea is the police should have a tool for people who litterbug usually one spot on everyday basis.