Do Czechs speak English? Hot video with models included

Doing some research, I found that the official European Union numbers regarding whether a person speaks English or not:

18 and under ~ 80%
19 to 35 ~ 50%
55 and older ~ 5%

But this is slanted. People in Prague tend to speak more English than the rest of the Czech Republic and they make up 10% of the population. In Prague it is easy to find someone who speaks English on the Street. In Brno, 1/2 the population of Prague it drops off substantially on the street. If you are doing professional business, working with the Universities, Government, etc you will find English speaking in Bohemia everywhere. But not on the street.

However I found also something else during the research – how does the rest struggle with the total basis of English. So I decided to include also something else – a video done by LSG Models, including some hot Czech girls struggle with pre-school English level. Enjoy!