The police really checks if the new law is adhered

a clean one The first polluters were surprised, when a police officer told them to lift that cigarette bud according to the new law, otherwise they would have to pay the fine. Most of them cooperated and lifted it from the ground, but still the self-confidence of 13 polluters didn’t allow them to bow before the police officers, so they rather paid the fine of 500 czk.

As a matter of fact, this may be a real change. I was skeptical to the proposal at first, because often some new laws that pass won’t get through to the people, like laws about prostitutes, drugs etc. But it seems Prague will get cleaner hopefully. But what I still miss in Prague, is a good old-fashioned car with a tank and a hose, which would clean the streets with Vltava water every evening. If that will be another step, I am happy.