The Street Art Festival of Prague

From 16 to 18 July in the street Na Kampe by the Famous Charles Bridge is possible to something you would expect in Paris or Barcelona – a street art festival. Performers are traditionally street actors, puppet actors, puppeteers, mimes, jugglers and stilt walkers, who turn the area of Kampa into big theatre stage.

This year it will be the VII year of Teatrotoc festival, bringing 70 performances from 15 Czech and international groups from the Czech Republic, Germany, USA, South Africa, Island and Austria. No need to say All the performances are free entry. Prague citizens and visitors have the unique chance to get entertained by the very old traditional way, which we tend to forgot about in our uber-urbanized society.

Event: Teatrotoc festival
Date: 16 – 18 July
Place: Na kampe street and Wenceslas square