Avril Lavige 2nite in Prague

Twenty three years old Canadian brings energetic punkrock to Prague. The cheeky and self-confident songwriter and singer is to perform energetic show for her last album The Best Damn Thing.

The concert is going to be probably a big one, as the organizing agency announced the O2 Arena, where it takes place was almost sold out yesterday.

Avril moves to Prague from Budapest, where she sung yesterday, and she probably arrives to Prague during the day. Her show arrives in six trucks and two buses. Her equipment includes huge projecting screen and a few dancers.

“I can’t wait to be on tour again. The biggest adventure for me is making a concert in front of fans, when I feel, the energy flows from both sides.” Avril says. She has gone on tour in May, and she returns to the Czech Republic after three years.

The ticket prices vary from 550czk to 790 czk and the venue is O2 Arena.