Prague charity project - buy a brick, help to build

You may have noticed it when walking through the streets of Prague. It looks like a rather strange happening with a chimney-like structure in the middle of the street. This “chimney” is made of colorful bricks which are covered with names and pictures. The people who hold a patrol there many try you and ask if you are able to pull it down, but I have seen may people trying, and even when the bricks are not glued or anything, the round structure holds firmly.

You can notice various signatures and pictures at the bricks, which were written by people who contribute to the charity project. The Brick Action is a fund-raising action of a civic organization called Portus Praha. The aim of this organization is to help people with mental handicaps to live normal lives and integrate them into everyday life of the society.

The places where it is possible to see them would be e.g. Old Town Square and at the bottom end of Wenceslas Square. You can’t miss it. Read one here