Czech Prime Minister go to OG in China after all

The Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek changed his mind, when the sportsmen union asked him to go to Peking with them. He explains: “The sportsmen, who prepare five years for the Olympics deserve to have their prime mister’s support” Topolanek explained.

The readers remember, how he spoke about definitely not going to the OG in May. He said that the OG in China can go without him, as he disapproved crimes against Tibet. However, yesterday Topolanek announced at the Olympics press conference he goes to the Olympics after all, however he had a Tibet flag button on his jacket.

Topolanek however refused to attend the opening ceremony. His whole performance, as I see it, goes: well I have to go there as a Prime minister, but personally I don’t agree with it.

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  1. Brian said, Jul 31, 07:59 AM #

    What do you want, Mr. PM
    Whether or not to attend Olympic Games is Mr. Mirek Topolanek’s private matter. We don’t have right to interfere in it. But using this as political bargaining chip, he found the wrong target.

    Mirek Topolanek should know what Tibet Separation means to China. His decision to wear a Tibet flag is one way to interfering in China’s internal affairs, rather than a condition for attending the Olympics. He has his purposes by attending the Olympics this way. If he wears the Tibet flag, Chinese people will not welcome him.
    Olympic Games is an event to promote friendship, and belongs to the mankind. Linking politics with it is not wise. If Mr. Mirek Topolanek insists his decision, he will miss a good chance for Chinese people to know Czech.
    Mr. Prime Minister, please behave yourself. Don’t let your wrong act hurt yourself and others. The door of the Beijing Olympics is open to all peace lovers all over the world, but it is shut for those who truculently interfere in China’s internal affairs.