The Crüxshadows is an independent music group from Florida. Their sound is made up of a combination of moody male vocals, electric violin, guitar, and synth. They have enjoyed a great deal of success within the New Wave, goth, and Dark Wave music scenes. Centered around vocalist & songwriter Rogue, the Crüxshadows blends 1980s inspired synth-pop and modern rock with poetic and introspective lyrics.

The band has enjoyed global popularity, releasing CDs worldwide and touring extensively throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. Often referred to with the acronym CXS, their motto is Live Love Be Believe.

They return to stages again with their new single Immoral within their „Immortal World Tour 2008“. During the tour, they are visiting Rock Café, where they are going to play on Wednesday 30th July 2008. There is going to be the group core and also the new members.