Prague deputies – Taxi will be more expensive

The prices of fuels are climbing new peaks, and the taxi drivers even demonstrated for the possibility of increasing the fares. They claim the price of one kilometre increased twice.

The problem is, the increase comes in time, when tourists and locals often report the taxi drivers prey on them, and at the same time the central office advocate their drivers and do not make any steps for improving the situation.

On one hand the taxi companies say the increase in fares will allow their drivers to do their job properly without stealing, on the other hand we know this would only be efficient if there would be effective laws preventing the industry preying.

Taxi prices for one kilometre in Prague
In 1991 – 7 czk
In 1993 – 10czk
In 1996 – 12 czk
In 1997 – not regulated = astronomical
In 2000 – 17czk
In 2004 – 22 czk
In 2007 – 25 czk
Nowadays probably – 28 czk