The new no-public-drinking law can be eluded

The newest public notice of the Prague city hall, which forbids alcohol drinking at chosen places of Prague, still shows sign of the ‘new kid’ there is still quite a lot of bugs to sort out.

To begin with kiosks – some of them are swarming with the homeless, but the public notice doesn’t sort out, how far they can take their alcohols. So the drunkard can say ‘Yo no I drink at this kiosk’ even when he is tens of metres away.

Another problem is to prove, the person drinks the alcohol he/she has. Or- they simply pour the alcohols into pet bottles and act it is mineral water- the passing city police officers have no means to prove it is not.

The media informed there has been no persecution of ‘normal people’ who would drink in public, yet. Which is good. Yet I still feel Kampa park should be withdraw from the list.


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