Tom Waits heading to Prague

Incredible becoming reality – on 21st and 22nd July, the American songster Tom Waits comes to stop at the Prague Congress Centre. Tom Waits is by many appreciated more than Bob Dylan, Cohen and Simon combined.

He brings thirty member team and five member group for his tour called Glitter and Doom. Skeptics are going to believe he is really coming, only after they will see him with their own eyes – that he is coming could have been only another gag of Waits, the well-known joker. For example he informed about him going on tour by a press conference on his web page – but at the end we see the hall is empty and that he was just playing the reporters from a tape.

Waits is a remarkable figure on the music sky, something like a apparition. If your music feeling is ‘anything but ordinary’ you like Waits.


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