Czech Roma People heading to Canada again

When, ten years ago, hundreds of Czech Gypsies emigrated to Canada, the country tried to resist by establishing visa necessity. However, visa requirement was cancelled last year in November. And the number of Gypsy people heading towards the socially-focused state have increased rapidly again, Denik informed.

That wouldn’t be a problem, if they automatically didn’t ask for asylum. This threatens the no-visa state – in the contract is, the number of asylum seekers mustn’t be higher than 2% of the total number. Because since May, there was 449 requests from Roma families, and 2% maximum means 570 per year, it is possible Canada will re-establish visa requirement again.

Dianne Finley, the Canada minister for emigration have already send a warning – no one should ask for an asylum, when it is clear he/she doesn’t need it. By this, he/she only takes the very needed support form people who are real refugees.