Bem Plans Changes in Order to Win the Olympic Candidacy of 2020

It has been two months, since the Czech Republic was announced the Olympic Games of 2016 won’t be in Prague, but it seems the Prague Mayor Bem has a plan for year 2020 already. He said for “At the beginning of the next year, the Prague Olympic Society is going to undergo some personal changes. We are going to prepare for the year 2020 with greater ambition and with a stronger team at our back”

However, Pavel Bem will have to persuade other representatives as well, as the Green Party and European Democrats request Prague to give up on the Olympics. Not even the Prime miniser Mirek Topolanek, which is quite an essential for the financial guarantee. The other thing is, that the pools say if elections were now, ODS would lose to CSSD, and they would probably not support Bem, who is so much ODS.