Prague Tourism and 'Dark Sightseeing'

New touristic destinations have appeared in the metropolis, new and quite morbid ones. What connects sv. Cyrila a Metodeje church with Vysehrad Slavin cemetery ? People were dying in there. The agency CzechTourism made a research of Dark places and found out ‘most dark and favored’ Czech place is Terezin memorial, visited by 300t every year.

Three places in Prague got into the ‘Darkest Top Ten’; the Cyrila a Metodeje church where the Czechoslovak para-shooters died after assassinating Heydrich. The upper part of the Wenceslas square is notorious as the place where Jan Palach set himself to fire as a protest against the communists.

Attractivity of dark touristics is based on bringing something new, and providing strong emotional experience. You certainly not find an adequate counterpart to the Edinburgh Dungeon, which really can make people of weaker nature sick, we stand at the beginning, but Prague is definitely a place with Gothic energy and a little of horror belongs in here.



  1. Prague said, Jul 25, 07:51 AM #

    You always need such kind of attractions to satisfy the needs and wishes of all tourists. If somebody does not like it, she should not go there. So I have to say: well done!