Brothels in Prague are Camouflaged. They have to be.

the typical picture - is it a pension, a restaurant, or a brothel? you can guess... As the Czech state acts like the fancyhouses do not exist, they exist as bars or clubs. Even when it is completely obvious from the external signs the enterprises server primarily for sex, according to construction administration those are bars, wellness centres or massage salons.

It is the way it works in the Czech Republic – if there is forbidden something clearly natural, people find their own way to it. A lot of prostitutes moved away from the streets, but they haven’t vanished. Brothels in Prague have their way of survival, the appearance can be regular, but their papers state they are some other business premises.

The building office can approve of a restaurant, fitness centre or bar, but there are no hygiene regulations for an erotic saloon, nobody simply defined them. The main reason the places have to be masked as ‘Massage Salon Red Light’ or something similar is they simply need a permit for the place. The proposals of legalization can be hear quite often nowadays.