Titanic - The Artefacts Exhibition

Wandering amongst the Titanic treasures you begin to realise that the cold chill isn’t from the recreated wall of ice. The artefacts belonged to people, many of whom lost their lives during the early hours of 15 April 1912.

Preserved for 92 years, this is the bronze bell that Frederick Fleet rang three times before he shouted, “Iceberg right ahead”. As you enter the first part of the exhibition and catch sight of the massive section of the ship’s hull, any thoughts of Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio are replaced by the awe of what lies ahead. Yes there’s romance, the beauty of the first class accommodation and trinkets, but there is also the stark reality that these things were abandoned by people in fear of their lives.

The exhibition Titanic Artefacts in Prague Lucerna offers a mixture of ship parts – ranging from plumbing and metal bench supports – to personal belongings and items of clothing such as a top hat and a single shoe. Around every corner is another fascinating artefact with another story to tell. A pack of playing cards, a clarinet – perhaps abandoned by the ship’s orchestra – miniature jars of perfume, bottles of wine, pans from the galley, money and crockery.

All the items have been recovered from the debris field of the wreck site 453 miles Southeast of the Newfoundland coastline and lying 2.5 miles beneath the ocean surface.